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XXV Congresso Mondiale AIPCR

The 25th World Road Congress Seoul


The 25th edition of the World Road Congress will be held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2-5 November 2015. Under the theme of ‘Roads and Mobility - Creating New Value from Transport’, this five-day event will bring together thousands of road and road transport stakeholders from around the world, including about 50 ministers or vice ministers and top leaders from public and private organizations. Dozens of sessions will allow participants to get a broad and global picture of the current situation of the road sector and its main challenges for the future. This Congress is therefore the 2015 road event, offering a unique opportunity to strengthen one’s knowledge and expand one’s network, while enjoying the discovery of Korea’s state-of-the-art technologies in road transport, as well as its exceptional blend of tradition and modernity, thanks to special events leaving participants with unforgettable memories of Korea.


Roads and mobility - Creating new value from transport

Congress Theme

Roads and mobility - Creating new value from transport

Roads have long played an integral part in the life, cultural exchange, and economic development of mankind. Especially in the automobile age, roads greatly contributed to the rapid global development and the rise of modern civilization.

The core value of roads is to enable safe and quick transportation of people and goods. Road travel today increasingly involves advanced environmental and information telecommunications technologies, and integration of roads in their environment is more than ever required. Sustainability of the road transport system has become key for the social and economic benefits of our communities. The roads of the future are expected to create new spaces with the adjoining land, generate energy using sunlight and geothermal heat, and create a new culture and social functions to satisfy all kinds of needs.

Now is the time for experts in road transportation to explore new roles of roads and facilitate their advancement by recognizing the enormous potential of roads and supporting the values that may lead to various advanced technologies.

The 25th World Road Congress Seoul 2015 will establish concepts and discuss strategies to create new values in road transportation based on the four strategic themes of the World Road Association (PIARC) : Management and Performance; Access and Mobility; Safety; and Infrastructure.


The Exhibition: Floor Plan

Floor Plan