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Austroads, Progettazione delle Pavimentazioni Stradali

Austroads, la società stradale australiana, mette a disposizione una nuova pubblicazione Improved Design Procedures for Asphalt Pavements che vogliamo condividere con i nostri soci e followers.

This report is the final deliverable of a three year Austroads project to improve the design procedures for asphalt pavements. The object of the work in this final year was to validate the proposed improved procedures for the characterisation of asphalt modulus and asphalt mix fatigue performance.

Based on the work, a revised text for Austroads Guide to Pavement Technology Part 2 has been prepared. Changes include the introduction of flexural modulus master curves for the characterisation of the resilient response of asphalt in pavement design. Field and laboratory experiments were conducted to validate recommended changes. The findings support the proposed changes to the design procedures in the Guide.


Table of Contents

Summary Contents 1. Introduction
  • 1.1 Project Background
  • 1.2 Objectives and Scope of Year 3
  • 1.3 Structure of the Report
2. Proposed Implementation
  • 2.1 Vehicle Speed, Loading Time and Load Frequency
  • 2.2 Characterisation of Design Modulus
  • 2.3 Back-calculation of Modulus from FWD Results
  • 2.4 Minimum Modulus Value
  • 2.5 Design Temperature
  • 2.6 Characterisation of Fatigue Performance
3. Field Experiments
  • 3.1 Selection of Field Sections
  • 3.2 Site Measurements
4. Laboratory Experiments
  • 4.1 Sample Preparation and Test Matrix
  • 4.2 Flexural Modulus Results
  • 4.3 Resilient Modulus Results
  • 4.4 Fatigue Test Results
5. Validation of Proposed Changes
  • 5.1 Relationship between Resilient Modulus and Flexural Modulus
  • 5.2 Conversion of AGPT Modulus Relationships into Master Curves
  • 5.3 Typical Values from ITT
  • 5.4 Conversion of Compressive Modulus to Flexural Modulus
  • 5.5 Shell Nomographs
  • 5.6 Comparison of Different Methods
  • 5.7 Air Voids
  • 5.8 Laboratory Modulus to Field Modulus
  • 5.9 Fatigue Characterisation
6. Conclusions and Future Work
  • 6.1 Validated Changes
  • 6.2 Future Work
References Appendix A Revised Text for Part 2 of AGPT Appendix B Considerations with Respect to Sample Size for Asphalt Fatigue Testing Appendix C Flexural Modulus and Fatigue Results Appendix D Shell Nomograph Data Appendix E FWD Results